How to select your Micro-needling treatment?

As someone planning to have micro-needling done, what questions do you ask about the equipment used? Do you know if they are using a licensed medical device? Are the needles sterile? What product is used while micro-needling, is it a sealed package or is it mixed by the practitioner? What is the

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oxygeneo riverside south - Nakota Spa

Acne Treatment For All Seasons

Often our favorite foods can cause the onset of acne. Studies based on what happens to our food after consumption have shown that eating acidic foods create the perfect environment for breeding ground of bacteria under our skin. Most meats, breads, cheeses, processed foods or foods high in sugars ar

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microneedling riverside south - Nakota Spa

Micro-needling Home Care system

Taking care and maintaining the benefits of your eDermastamp professional micro-needling session, it is important to continue stimulating your skin so that the maximum benefits are achieved and retained. This can

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Rejuvenating skin care - Nakota Spa

Why choose Nakota Spa over Traditional Spa

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Nakota Spa Oxygeneo

How To Get Your Skin In Tip Top Shape For Spring: OxyGeneo™ Super Facial | Nakota Spa

Nestled away in Barrhaven lays one of the best kept spa secrets in Ottawa: the OxyGeneo™ Super 3 in 1 Facial at <

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Oxygeneo 3-1 super facial skin tightening

OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Super Facial & Skin Tightening

As you may have seen on Insta story, I had the pleasure of attending Nakota Spa yesterday for an OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Super Facials & Skin Tightening. For those of you who are not familiar with this type of facial, you get the benefits of microderm, chemical p

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Affordable spa near me

Beauty Supplements You need!

As per popular requests and interest from you guys, I have made a separate blog post about the Beauty Supplements you saw on Insta story while I was at Nakota Spa. The pink coloured cocktail that you guys were asking about is a blend of a few key ingredien

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